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CB1 – the new city quarter for Cambridge

Buy Phentermine Hydrochloride Online, Buy Phentermine Us Pharmacy

Home to Amazon, Deloitte, nCipher Security, Carter Jonas and Bluestone, and fronting the new Station Square, this impressive building welcomes people arriving at Cambridge train station.

The exterior design of One Station Square is inspired by the historic façade of Cambridge train station, located opposite. The building is the largest and most prominent space available in the city centre, built using sustainable materials and exceeding energy efficiency standards. It offers five floors of flexible office space, designed to maximise collaboration, and is home to a variety of shops and cafes.

Key Information

Office and retail

129,000 SQ FT NET


Voice of the community

“The vision for CB1 and One Station Square aligned with our own objective - to invest in a facility that’s modern, flexible and well located. Our investment is a statement of our intent in the region – to continue to build a business that positively impacts our own people, our clients and the community for years to come. Our experience of working with Brookgate has been very good and the end result has exceeded our expectations.”

Paul Schofield, Senior Partner – Deloitte LLP