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CB1 – the new city quarter for Cambridge

Buy Phentermine K25 - Best Place To Buy Phentermine Online

2 May 2018

Buy Phentermine K25 - Best Place To Buy Phentermine Online

Brookgate’s landmark office building in the CB1 development has won the British Council for Offices’ Commercial Workplace Award for the Midlands & Central England region.

We're proud to announce that One the Square, the landmark building opposite the main station in the CB1 development, has won 'Best Commercial Workplace Award' in the Midlands and Central England regional category. It will now be submitted for the national round of the British Council for Offices competition.

Home to Amazon, Deloitte, Thales and Carter Jonas, the prominent 129,000 sq ft office and retail development opposite Cambridge train station has attracted quality employers to CB1, such that the area is fast becoming the City’s Central Business District.

Sven Topel, CEO at Brookgate commented:

“One Station Square has delivered the size, standard and flexibility of office space that large companies are looking for and enabled them to expand within Cambridge, bringing jobs with them. We’re delighted that this highly successful development has been recognised by the BCO and look forward to going through to compete with other regional winners for a national award.”

The BCO judges noted that One Station Square has created a sense of place and improved the arrival experience to the City. They were also impressed that the building has delivered office space that is both commercially attractive to a range of national and multinational occupiers and provides a gateway to the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’ of Innovation and Enterprise.

Buy Phentermine K25 - Best Place To Buy Phentermine Online

29 April 2016
Topping out for new top building in Cambridge

Buy Phentermine Adipex Online

16 November 2015
Brookgate launch £105m office scheme at CB1, Cambridge

Phentermine Online Purchase Reviews

22 December 2015
Brookgate secures two new firms for CB1

Phentermine Pills Buy


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see, be newsletter

To let everyone know about news in CB1, we produce our 'see, be' newsletter. If you didn't manage to get your hands on a printed copy, you can download a pdf version below.