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CB1 – the new city quarter for Cambridge

Buy Phentermine Pakistan, Buy Phentermine At Gnc

15 May 2018

Buy Phentermine Pakistan, Buy Phentermine At Gnc

CB1's summer art project, 'The Metaphisical Cyclist' is broadcast on BBC Cambridge Radio

On Friday 11th May, Brookgate hosted a press conference to launch 'The Metaphysical Cyclist', an art initiative which includes art-orientated bike rides around Cambridge this summer.

Concieved by internationally renowned British artist, Gavin Turk, the artist will take the public on a ride around his selection of Cambridge's outdoor sculptures on a fleet of colourful striped bikes. The artist collaborated with Cambridge based, Adam Dant, who has created an illustrated map of the route.

Tickets for the free event, taking place on three Sundays throught June and July, are live now on Buy Phentermine Adipex Online.

If you can't make it, pick up one of the maps from points around Cambridge and follow the route on your own bike!

To hear from the artists themselves and Brookgate, tune into BBC Cambridge between 1.12.10 – 1.15.32 on Phentermine Online Consultation Prescription or pick up Cambridge Independent (edition week 14th-18th May 2018).

Buy Phentermine Pakistan, Buy Phentermine At Gnc

14 May 2018
Gavin Turk's eccentric summer cycle rides roll in to CB1

Phentermine Online Purchase Reviews

2 May 2018
Bicycles abandoned in Station Square will be given to charity

Phentermine Pills Buy

14 November 2017
Shop, eat and spend time at CB1

Order Phentermine Canada


Keep up to date with the latest news and info from CB1 by Order Phentermine 37.5 Canada Twitter

Buy Phentermine D Online

see, be newsletter

To let everyone know about news in CB1, we produce our 'see, be' newsletter. If you didn't manage to get your hands on a printed copy, you can download a pdf version below.