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CB1 – the new city quarter for Cambridge

How Much Does Phentermine Cost Online - Buy Authentic Phentermine 37.5

22 December 2015

How Much Does Phentermine Cost Online - Buy Authentic Phentermine 37.5

Raspberry Pi Foundation and JA Kemp to occupy 30 Station Road

Brookgate has announced two lettings at 30 Station Road, a 22,500 sq ft office block at the heart of CB1, the new city quarter based around Cambridge Station. The deals mean that the three-storey building is now fully let following Birketts’ move to 22 Station Road, Brookgate’s recently completed office development.

Education charity Raspberry Pi Foundation has agreed a five-year lease on a 7,060 sq ft suite  on the second floor.  The organisation specialises in teaching computer programming to children and adults using a tiny and affordable computer.

They will be joined by JA Kemp, a law firm specialising in trade marks and patenting, which will occupy a 1,675 sq ft suite also on the second floor.

Other occupiers at 30 Station Road include Alert Me, Cambridge University and Stone King.  The businesses form part of a major business district at CB1 which also features a cluster of leading companies including Microsoft, Deloitte, Thales and Mott MacDonald.

A spokesperson for Brookgate said: “Raspberry Pi Foundation and JA Kemp are a fantastic addition to the vibrant business community at CB1.  This is proving to be popular location for both growing and well-established firms looking to take advantage of Cambridge’s thriving economy, skilled labour force, amenities and connectivity.”

Parties were advised by Bidwells, Savills, Dodson Jones and Farebrother.


Keep up to date with the latest news and info from CB1 by Buy Phentermine Adipex Online Twitter

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see, be newsletter

To let everyone know about news in CB1, we produce our 'see, be' newsletter. If you didn't manage to get your hands on a printed copy, you can download a pdf version below.