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CB1 – the new city quarter for Cambridge

Phentermine Where To Buy Uk - Where To Buy Generic Phentermine Online

8 March 2018

Phentermine Where To Buy Uk - Where To Buy Generic Phentermine Online

Cambridge City Council has unanimously approved plans for 10/20 Station Road, the new office building at CB1 to support local business and jobs.

On 7th March, Cambridge City Council planning committee meeting approved the application for the new office building on the CB1 estate, with 4,274 sq m of grade A office space. The proposal merges two existing consented buildings to provide larger office space on individual floors to accommodate businesses. The development of 10/20 Station Road will enable the largest transformation yet along Station Road.

Sven Topel, Chief Executive at Brookgate, commented:

“Getting the green light for the development of 10/20 Station Road is immensely positive for the CB1 estate and wider Cambridge. The scheme will deliver much in demand office accommodation in this highly connected part of Cambridge, acting to further support businesses and employment in the city. The building is also the anchor for the expansion of green public spaces along this stretch of Station Road.”

The new building, designed by architects Perkins + Will, will consist of six storeys of office space and ancillary accommodation totalling 7,421 sq m. 10/20 Station Road will add to the growing cluster of modern, spacious offices across the CB1 development such as One Station Square, completed in early 2017 now hom to Amazon, Carter Jonas, Deloitte and Thales.

The building’s basement will have shower and changing facilities and storage areas, and 98 car parking spaces (including 5 disabled spaces) for people who work in the buildings. To encourage and support Cambridge’s cycling culture, the development of 10/20 Station Road will create space for 482 bicycles at ground level.

In line with the original Masterplan for the redevelopment of Station Road, a combination of hard and soft landscaping will be introduced to the streetscape. The ‘linear park’ planned along Station Road will provide a green buffer between road traffic and workplaces and the building will be set back, allowing space for a ‘pocket park’ to the west. The corner of the building will curve towards the entrance of the pocket park, opening up pedestrian access whilst allowing light and views for the occupants.

10/20 Station Road replaces the now dated office buildings at Jupiter and Leda Houses and is well connected to Cambridge bus routes and a short walk from the train station. This development will be a valuable addition to CB1; attracting business, supporting new jobs, and introducing a safe pedestrian environment between the train station and the city centre.

Phentermine Where To Buy Uk - Where To Buy Generic Phentermine Online

6 November 2017
10/20 – Cambridge’s new business magnet

Buy Phentermine Adipex Online

21 November 2017
CB1 brings jobs, homes and more to Cambridge

Phentermine Online Purchase Reviews

26 January 2018
CB1 welcomes first tenants to the new 50/60 Station Road

Phentermine Pills Buy


Keep up to date with the latest news and info from CB1 by Order Phentermine Canada Twitter

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see, be newsletter

To let everyone know about news in CB1, we produce our 'see, be' newsletter. If you didn't manage to get your hands on a printed copy, you can download a pdf version below.