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CB1 – the new city quarter for Cambridge

Phentermine No Prescription Cash On Delivery, Phentermine Adipex Buy Online

Six permanent exhibits by different artist are now on display in the Station Road area of CB1 for passers-by to enjoy. Next spring/summer they’ll be joined by ‘Cows about Cambridge’ – a colourful art trail of sculptural cows, each designed by a different artist. Find out moo... Buy Phentermine Adipex Online.

‘Cows about Cambridge’ follows on from last summer’s display of public art, ‘The Metaphysical Cyclist’. British artist Gavin Turk designed 20 colourful bikes that were used during three-hour bike tours of the city, with stops to view public art. Although Gavin won’t be leading the tours this summer, you can still Phentermine Online Consultation Prescription and download a copy of the Phentermine Online Purchase Reviews.

Art plays a big part in the thinking behind CB1. Its public art programme is highly regarded within both permanent and temporary art scenes.

How it works
One of the UK’s leading public art agencies, Commissions Projects, leads the programme. Cheap Phentermine No Rx brings artists and commissioners together, changing the way people experience art and making it more widely available. Phentermine Pills Buy is among the artists’ groups it supports. Aid & Abet runs its projects and artistic experiments from ELAN – a contemporary visual art studio at the centre of the CB1 development.


Continental Drift
By Troika

‘Continental Drift’ is a two-dimensional world map projected onto the ceiling by a faceted, rotating globe. Located in the public walkway that leads to the new cycle park beside Cambridge station, the projected image shows a world that continuously shifts, stretches and rearranges itself. Landmass is not static, nor is it organised in an established cartographic format. Contrary to a conventional world map, the continents here drift in and out of the centre and in and out of focus, with each instance presenting another version of the world.

By Dryden Goodwin

‘Wander’ is a series of 100 etched portraits of people the artist encountered as he travelled around the city. The work is embedded into the pavement around Cambridge’s new bus interchange.


Reflective Editor
By Doug Allsop

This sculpture is one of a series of geometrical works entitled ‘Reflective Editor’. It forms a gateway to Station Square with a highly polished surface that reflects the architecture and movement surrounding it.

Translucent Drawing
By Antoni Malinowski

‘Translucent Drawing’ comprises 2,500 glass elements - which respond to changing light conditions - embedded into the façade of the various buildings throughout the development. The piece aims to create unity between architecture and the environment.


Ceres Bronze
By William Bloye

This bronze of the Goddess of Agriculture has been restored and now takes pride of place in the landscaped Mill Park. Ceres has come to represent the rebirth of this historic area.

Ridgeons Centenary Park
Jim Partridge and Liz Walmsley, and letter carving by Tom Perkins

The park that commemorates Ridgeons’ centenary in 2011 is close to the site of the company’s original office. Here, the artworks include a a sculptural oak seat and a carved roundel featuring a quotation by the founder Cyril Ridgeon.