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CB1 – the new city quarter for Cambridge

Phentermine 37.5 Mg Order Online - Buying Phentermine In Canada

You may have seen some unusually colourful bicycles around the city last summer. These were part of ‘The Metaphysical Cyclist’, an art project which took two of Cambridge’s finest traditions - cycling and sculpture - and brought them together to create a spectacle of art appreciation.

Members of the public who were quick enough to snap up the free tickets took part over three rides on sunny Sundays during June and July 2018, taking to the saddles of Les Bikes de Bois Rond, a fleet of 20 bicycles designed by the British artist, Gavin Turk.

Following an illustrated map, drawn by the Cambridge-born artist, Adam Dant, the fleet took to the streets and quads of the city on a three hour tour, stopping off at pieces of public art.

The tours led by Gavin Turk have happened now, but the Metaphysical Cyclist lives on through Adam Dant’s map, so that you can follow the sculpture tour on your bike, when you like. Pick up a copy form Kettles Yard, the Fitzwilliam Museum or Cambridge City Council, or Buy Phentermine Adipex Online.